Infra Experience, we dig the future!

Infra nowadays is more than the traditional craft. Much more than just digging, building bridges and constructing tunnels. It’s more like an innovative culture. A movement. It’s about the way people connect, both physical and digital. It’s about possibilities, about the future. We see that future. We are the future, and we dig it! For this evolution, this revolution, we need new skills, techniques, tools and talents. A whole new generation. We need you! See the changes, recognize the chances and face the challenges. X marks the spot. Get inspired, get in touch and #digdeeper together!

On the progam of InfraExperience:

  • Excursions to the APM Terminals and the Maeslantkering
  • Panel discussion of Rijkwaterstaat
  • Heroes of Innovation by de Hogeschool Rotterdam
  • Keynotes of Boskalis and RET
  • Internship and job market by Watertalent
  • Masterclasses of Bouwend Nederland, NGinfra and De Bouwcampus, Platform WOW & Jonge Geesten
  • Collegetour Future Green City about the city of the future
  • Guided tour at RDM Innovation Dock and contest dyke building
  • And many more!

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