Shai Soepijan about MBO

“I like working on large constructions”

Shai Soepijan (19) is now in the second year of the Construction Worker Level 2 course at Albeda College at RDM Rotterdam. That works out so well that he would like to move on to level 3 when he is ready.

Why did you choose this course?

“I always loved metal and metalworking. I’ve been interested in that since I was a kid. The choice for RDM was made quickly. When I first came here, I thought: how did I never know this was here? A whole new world opened up for me. I knew that ships were built here in the past, but I didn’t know that you could follow technical education here.”

What is it like to study here?

“Many people do not know RDM because it is quite remote. But it is easy to reach, it is a beautiful place and the range of training available is wide. You can do many different technical courses here. MBO, HBO and companies come together in one place. As a result, you can also gain work experience. For example, I recently did an internship of two weeks at a company in the Innovation Dock, where I worked on a mold for a boat. I got a drawing and started making it. I completed that internship well and after my internship period the owner asked if I wanted to continue working for him. This way I also gain work experience and I also learn more about shipbuilding. I think it is important that you can also work on real projects and assignments and you get that chance during a study at RDM. For example, in my first year I did an internship at Shell.”

What is the best thing about your education?

“I like working on large structures, for example, parts for bridges. I would also like to delve further into this. I want to think along, be able to design and gain more material knowledge. I find it interesting to see what you can do with metal. I therefore think that I will move on to Construction Worker level 3. ”


Would you recommend a course at RDM Rotterdam to friends?

“If they are interested in technology, I would definitely recommend a study at RDM.”