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3D-metalprinting lab at RDM

Port of Rotterdam will be acquiring its own ‘Additive Manufacturing Fieldlab’ with 3D metal printers at RDM Rotterdam. It will acquire metal printers and a centre for the development of knowledge in the area of metal printing, 3D scanning, 3D design and certification. This Fieldlab will provide port-related companies with a collective location to accelerate developments in this area and to work together on applications for the (maritime) industry. The Fieldlab will be located in the Innovation Dock at RDM Rotterdam, the site of choice for innovation in the Rotterdam port area, where companies, researchers and students work together on shaping the new manufacturing industry.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority undertook the initiative to set up the Fieldlab. InnovationQuarter and RDM Makerspace are key partners in the development of the Fieldlab. Last year these three parties jointly initiated a pilot project for the 3D printing of spare parts for the maritime industry.

For more information, see the whole article at the website of Port of Rotterdam.