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Aqitec is simply going to make it

After having studied Industrial Design at TU Delft and with 8 years of work experience in various R&D positions, Ivo Wieling founded Aqitec, a development company specializing in integrated product development. Aqitec has its own development programme and works on assignment. Collaborating with experts, the company combines technology, industrial design, hydrodynamics and/or electronics to develop the optimal product. More than anything it has a practical approach – we are simply going to make it!

The power of open source

Aqitec makes prototypes and first series of products. Currently, it is working very hard on developing a system to measure water quality and water depth. Another one of its products, which has been further developed in the meantime and is now on the market, is a tensile tester – the openLETT. It was designed during a graduation project and is meant for use as a simple tensile tester for educational purposes and for design departments to be able to test materials themselves. It was a big hit, for at this very moment the openLETT tensile tester is already part of the equipment of leading knowledge institutes and colleges. Ivo: “We want to share as much knowledge as possible – the openLETT makes use of open source software, and results of tensile tests are being made available.”


Agitec’s office is located in the floating office space of the RDM Innovation Dock. “A great basis to innovate from”, Ivo says. For instance, there is a good level of collaboration and knowledge sharing with companies in the Innovation Dock. “But despite these collaborations innovation often also means embarking on a lonely journey”, he emphasises. In many cases it involves a lot of hard work to reach the intended goal. So that is definitely a tough side of being an entrepreneur – but it will not stop Ivo.

More information

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For more information, visit the website of Aqitec.