CIV Maintenance and process technology Rijnmond

CIV Maintenance and process technology Rijnmond

The vision is to create an appealing environment in which the business community, educational institutions and knowledge centres can jointly train, retrain, further train operators and maintenance employees, and where talents can fully realise their ambitions and can therefore be optimally deployed within the sector.

The mission is to assure continuity for sufficient staff and innovation power within the process operator and maintenance positions within the Process, Petrochemical industry and Energy sector (PP&E).

The partners of CIV Maintenance and Process technology continue to build on a long-term collaboration between the education partners STC, Albeda and Zadkine and the business community (united in Deltalinqs). Physical knowledge and education structure takes place at 2 locations, which are the pillars of the partnership: the Oefenfabriek (Practice Factory) in Brielle and the lab and other facilities at the RDM campus. In addition, there is an online infrastructure for knowledge acquisition, knowledge development and knowledge distribution in the industry, knowledge institutions and vocational training (called Process Centre of Excellence). In the coming years, investments will be made for a Training Plant at RDM, in particular for maintenance operators.

RDM Training Plant

The RDM Training Plant is a remarkable public-private project in the heart of the port of Rotterdam. It is a ‘real life’ training facility, intended for technology students and existing staff in the Petrochemical and Process industry.

By using lifelike simulations, the RDM Training Plant physically introduces MBO and HBO youngsters to their future workplace and the associated strict safety culture. Existing technicians can also become more proficient in the requirements of their profession with sector-specific training courses. Private and public literally come together at the Training Plant: trainers and trainees come from both the business community and education. The safety standards that apply to the RDM Training Plant, must become the (new) standards for the complex, risky environment of the entire process industry.


A real Biodiesel factory has been built for the Maintenance and Process technology courses. This factory converts used frying fat into biodiesel fuel. By integrating the factory into the student’s learning programs, the students learn what it is like to work in an industrial environment.