Collaboration between education and the business community

At RDM students, teachers and researchers from education are working on technical innovations for the port and city, together with entrepreneurs. A working and learning environment has been set up for this at RDM, which resembles real life practice and which is equipped with all kinds of facilities. Events are also organised that make young people enthusiastic about a study or job in technology. This way we contribute to innovative and future-proof technical education.

Added value for an entrepreneur

Technology is essential for many companies in the Rotterdam region and for the community as a whole. At the same time there has been a shortage of (properly qualified) staff for years. Hogeschool Rotterdam and Techniek College Rotterdam train young people who have the ’21st century skills’ that companies need. RDM Rotterdam has the projects and facilities where students can learn these. As an entrepreneur you can go to education with your innovation question, you can use all the technical facilities at the campus and we like to help you find a good intern.

By seeking collaboration with the educational institutes at RDM Rotterdam:

  • You take your innovation question further through the fresh ideas of students
  • You get access to the expertise of our teachers and researchers in multiple disciplines
  • You work directly with students (your potential new employees)
  • You find that suitable (graduation) intern
  • You can use the labs and facilities at the RDM campus
  • You contribute to better technical education