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Descriptions of route by car


RDM Rotterdam has three car parks. Car park A is located on Heijplaatstraat and is meant for visitors to the Congrescentrum (Conference Centre), car park B is situated next to the Centraal Magazijn (Central Warehouse) and car park C lies behind the Innovation Dock/next to the Scheepsbouwloods (Shipyard) site. There is also limited parking space on Heijplaatstraat, Heijplaatweg, Directiekade and Klinknagelstraat. Parking is free everywhere.

Route description

On the A15 (Ring Rotterdam Zuid) take exit 18: Heijplaat.

At the end of the exit follow the signs for Heijplaat/Havens 2250-2750.

Follow the signs for Heijplaat, and continue straight on, on Reeweg and Waalhavenweg.

Do not go left at the sign for Heijplaat – this is the exit to the village. Drive straight on, on the Droogdokweg (follow the road as it bends to the right) towards Havens 2547-2619.

After the next sharp bend to the right (Heijplaatweg) car park A is situated to the left (sign reads ‘entrance Congrescentrum [Conference Centre] – a 100 metre walk’).

100 metres further, on the left (next to the orange work of art called the RDM’er) lies the entrance to the RDM site (Haven 2600), in between two buildings.

Turn left immediately after this, and drive along the water (Directiekade).

The first building on your left is the Centraal Magazijn (Central Warehouse).

The first building on your right is the Dokkantoor (Dock Office).

Next, on your left, you will successively find the Dokloodsen (Dock warehouses), the Centrale Kantine (Central Canteen), Sociale Zaken (Social Services), the Congrescentrum (Conference Centre) and the Academie van Bouwkunst (Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design).

Innovation Dock is the large building (with red doors/frames) on the right-hand side, at the corner of the port, on the RDM quay.

Behind the Innovation Dock you will find car park C. Here you can also park if you want to visit the Onderzeebootloods (Submarine Wharf).