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up to 300 visitors

Workshops (ENG)

RDM Rotterdam is the place for innovation in the port; this is where the manufacturing industry of the future takes shape. You innovate by doing. During the workshops of RDM Next you experience hands-on the latest technologies so that you can get started. Are you looking for just a workshop space? This is also possible in the Loft of the RDM Innovation Dock, or in one of the rooms in the RDM Conference Centre on the 3rd floor.

H.A.J. Baanderszaal

The H.A.J. Baanderszaal is large enough to accommodate 175 people. This room was named after the inhouse architect of RDM and offers a fantastic view on the Nieuwe Maas, the village of Heijplaat and towards the city. The rent of this room includes three adjoining rooms, that can be used for workshops, for example. In addition, it is possible to also rent both other meeting rooms on this floor, so the entire floor on the east-side can be used.

Accessibility (Public transport, water bus/ taxi, car)
Historic location
Up to 175 people
Free parking

RDM Loft

You will find the Loft right above the robot arms, 3D printers and other developments of the Innovation Dock in Rotterdam. The Loft can accommodate up to 120 people for each event. Thanks to the flexible layout, the Loft is suitable for small meetings, but also for larger events such as inspiration days.

Historic location
View on the RDM port
Up to 120 people
Free parking

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