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Lots at Innovation Dock

When you set up business at RDM’s Innovation Dock, your company becomes part of an enterprising network of start-ups and R&D branches of established multinationals. With a floor area of over 10,000 m² (and a 20-metre high main hall, in which you can still make out the original rafters and gantry cranes), the Innovation Dock is a truly impressive open space. And with access to hi-tech prototype and testing facilities and opportunities to work together with a wide range of other innovative companies, students and researchers, you have everything you need to take the world by storm. Don’t hesitate to follow the example of high-profile firms like Ampelmann, Studio RAP and Van Dalen Products.

Locating at RDM Rotterdam means:

  • Working from a unique location with a splendid view of the Nieuwe Maas
  • More than enough room for manufacturing and logistics purposes
  • Easy access to state-of-the-art prototype and testing facilities
  • Opportunities to collaborate with students, researchers and innovative technological players working at RDM
  • Benefiting from the area’s distinctive innovative image
  • Excellent accessibility: travel by Water Bus/Water Taxi, with ample free parking space


The Innovation Dock offers a range of product development workshop sites in the form of flexible open-plan lots. All lots have floor heating and standard lighting fixtures and are available for lease in units starting at 50m². You have a great deal of flexibility as far as the term of your lease and floor areas are concerned. The minimum lease term is 6 months. Each lot is fitted with a sprinkler system, water and electrical power connections, a storage container and a wireless internet connection.


Prototype and testing facilities

With its wide range of different prototype and testing facilities, RDM Rotterdam is the ideal location for testing and developing new products. The modern equipment found on location includes:

  • 3D (metal) printers – Knowledge development in the field of 3D and metal printing
  • Internet of Things Lab – For the development of IoT solutions
  • Robotics Zone – Realise innovative new ideas with the aid of robots
  • Aqua Dock – For testing floating projects
  • Aqualab – Hydrodynamic laboratory
  • Concept House Village – Experimental and demonstration areas for sustainable and circular construction
  • RDM Makerspace

More information

For further information about the possibilities at RDM Rotterdam, feel free to contact René Schmitt via +31 (0)6-11004699 or [email protected].