Robotica & Mechatronica

Make it at RDM

Inspired by the Maker Movement in the US, in the summer of 2013, Vincent Wegener and Jurjen Lengkeek launched RDM Makerspace at RDM Rotterdam. RDM Makerspace offers everyone access to a range of industrial production facilities: from robot arms and laser cutters to welding equipment and 3D printers.

Access to technology

RDM Makerspace’s mission is to make modern technology more accessible to the general public. Using hardware and software made available by the centre, anyone can make his or her vision a reality: the dawn of a new technological and industrial revolution!

Gym subscription

Anyone who wants to make use of the equipment and associated facilities can turn to RDM Makerspace – from start-ups to artists, small companies to self-employed professionals, students to creative types. Its revenue model is similar to that of a health club: you gain access to Makerspace’s facilities after taking out a subscription or paying for a number of sessions. Members can visit RDM Makerspace from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m., but they can also often be found at the centre during weekends. In addition, RDM Makerspace organises workshops and courses, and is the home base of a community of people who exchange knowledge and experiences. By now, RDM Makerspace has served as the cradle for a wide array of prototypes and works of art.


Makerspace makes it possible

But RDM Makerspace doesn’t stop there. In addition to offering access to a large array of equipment, Makerspace has also launched a number of initiatives in partnership with SMEs and larger corporations that actively focus on trends that will have a strong impact in the years ahead. These developments include:

  • 3D printing, via RAMLAB
  • Robotics, via the Robotics Zone
  • Internet of Things, via the Internet of Things Academy
  • Drones, at the Aqualab

RDM Makerspace can be found in the Innovation Dock’s office area. For more information, feel free to contact Vincent Wegener via [email protected] or tel. +31 (0)10 – 7171706 or visit