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Meeting locations

RDM’s Congress Centre, a stately building, contains various rooms for large and small events. The rooms all have modern facilities, but the historic aspect has not been lost. For example, the Directiekamer (Executive Board room) and the Commissarissenkamer (Commissioners’ room) are both finished in the Art Deco style; either one would make an ideal location for a meeting. The beautiful Marmeren Hal (Marble Hall) features stunning stained glass windows and is a fantastic choice for a reception. The Auditorium is equipped with all the latest technology, but also displays historic photo murals on its walls that recall RDM’s rich past. From the H.A.J. Baanderszaal (H.A.J. Baanders room) on the third floor, you and your guests can enjoy a fabulous view of the Nieuwe Maas.

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The Commissarissenkamer (Supervisory Boardroom) offers fixed seating for 20 and boasts original furnishings from the 1920s. Stained glass windows and historic paintings call the shipyard’s glorious past to mind, while scale models of submarines illustrate RDM’s shift of focus in the post-war years. The Commissarissenkamer offers splendid views of Dokhaven and the Nieuwe Maas.

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The members of RDM’s Executive Board worked from the Directiekamer (Executive Boardroom). This room, which offers fixed seating for 20, also has an en-suite Lounge, which is separated from the boardroom by lovely sliding doors.

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The Lounge is situated adjacent to the Directiekamer. It is separated by stained glass sliding doors. This en-suite room, which features a fireplace and original furniture from the shipyard’s heyday, is highly suited for small-scale receptions for up to 20 people.

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Marmeren Hal

RDM’s executive directors entered the building via the Marmeren Hal (Marble Hall). Today, this area serves as the entrance to the Conference Centre. Opulently decorated with marble and stained glass windows that depict the four elements fire, water, earth and air, this hall can accommodate receptions for up to 100 people. A number of placards remind visitors of RDM’s colourful past – as does the original floor inlay with the company logo. The Marmeren Hal lies adjacent to the Directiekamer and the Commissarissenkamer.

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Rode Eetkamer

In the Rode Eetkamer (Red Dining Room), up to 60 guests can enjoy a delicious lunch while taking in the lovely views of Dokhaven and the bustling Nieuwe Maas waterway.

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The Auditorium is located partly at street level, partly below ground, and can seat an audience of 136. The facility offers fixed seating in the form of folding chairs and tables. The Auditorium can be entered via the Tegeltjeshal. The space is fitted with modern audio-visual equipment and has been decorated with interesting photo murals that evoke RDM’s rich history – with images of the launch of the SS Rotterdam and the interior of the shipyard’s Machine Hall.

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H.A.J. Baanderszaal

The H.A.J. Baanderszaal is spacious enough to accommodate 175 people. Named after RDM’s resident architect, this hall offers fantastic views of the Nieuwe Maas and the incorporated village of Heijplaat, as well as the skyline of central Rotterdam. Hall rent also includes use of the three adjacent rooms, which can accommodate smaller-scale workshops, for example. The other two meeting rooms on this floor can also be rented along with the H.A.J. Baanderszaal, giving you the entire eastern wing of the third floor.

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Meeting rooms on the third floor

The two smaller meeting rooms on the third floor have capacities of 25 and 12 respectively. The larger of the two rooms offers a view of Dokhaven and the Nieuwe Maas. The second room offers a view of the former village of Heijplaat.

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