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Partnerships with the education sector

You can find a large number of students at RDM Rotterdam, who receive technical education and training at both the mbo (senior secondary vocational education provided by Albeda College, Zadkine) and hbo (higher professional education provided by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) levels. A characteristic feature of innovations at RDM is that they often come out of partnerships between the participating institutions and the private sector. Indeed, there are numerous ways in which companies can work together with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences: from using its labs and equipment to setting up active collaborations with the students in the RDM Centre of Expertise’s so-called Communities of Practice. Maybe you’re looking for an intern or degree candidate, or have a practical assignment or research question that needs to be resolved?

If you have any questions about working with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, feel free to contact Kim van ’t Sant at the RDM Centre of Expertise via [email protected] or tel. +31 (0)6-15964845.