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RAMLAB: Metal parts on demand

RAMLAB is the acronym for ‘Rotterdam Additive Manufacturing Lab’. Here research is carried out into large-scale 3D printing of metals for the port-related industry. At present, RAMLAB is producing the first certified propeller, which will soon be fitted to a ship in DAMEN Shipyards. RAMLAB has created a buzz in the industry with this innovation, since this has never been done before.

“This will enable us to create a world in which less stock is required and in which metals can be printed with a 3D printer ‘on demand’. This is the vision for the future,” according to Vincent Wegener of RAMLAB.


Port-related industry

‘Rotterdam Additive Manufacturing LAB’ (RAMLAB) is the first 3D printing field lab that focuses on the port-related industry. With the use of 3D metal printers (also referred to as ‘additive manufacturing’), replacement parts for ships can be manufactured within a few days. At present this takes months. The RAMLAB, situated at RDM Rotterdam, is the initiative or the Port Authority of Rotterdam, InnovationQuarter and RDM Makerspace.

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