Business space

Is your company based in the Innovation Dock, then you are part of an enterprising network of start-ups and R&D departments of established multinationals. The area of more than 7,500 m² (and 20 metres high), where the original roof trusses and overhead cranes are still visible, makes Innovation Dock an impressive open space. there is also 580 m² office space for rent in the Innovation Dock. The presence of high tech prototype and test facilities and the collaboration with many other innovative companies, students and researchers provide energy to conquer the world with your ideas. High-profile companies like Ampelmann, Studio RAP and Concr3de already preceded you.


  • Open hall layout and flexible plots
  • Plots ranging from between 40 m2 and 800 m²
  • Proximity and access to technical education (MBO and HBO)
  • Prototyping & test facilities
  • Smooth concrete floor (2,500 kg/m²)
  • Underfloor heating
  • Plenty of daylight
  • Lighting
  • Electrical power
  • Large overhead doors and space for logistics
  • Free parking

Business space: € 62.12 per m² per year, excl. VAT and excl. advance service charges – price level 2019


• Being based at a unique industrial location with view across the Nieuwe Maas
• Plenty of space for production and logistical purposes
• Using the most modern prototype and test facilities
• Collaborating with students, researchers and other innovative technical companies at RDM
• Taking advantage of this area’s innovative image
• Good accessibility: travel per Water bus/Water taxi and free parking

Here you can see which other companies are also based in the Innovation Dock.


Innovation Dock provides workplace spaces for product development in the shape of flexible plots in an open exhibition floor layout. The plots have underfloor heating and standard lighting and can be rented in units from 40m² up to 800m². The plots are flexible in time and surface area. Each plot is equipped with sprinkler, water and electrical power connections, container for storage and access to a (wireless) internet connection. In addition to a plot, you can also rent office space in the Innovation Dock.


For more information about the options at RDM Rotterdam, please contact René Schmitt, on 06 11 00 46 99 or [email protected].