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In addition to former RDM people, who nostalgically remember the past, students in red overall are enjoying a cheese sandwich. Water bus, water taxi, floating buck ships, large and small ships sail to and from. Working at RDM means that a world is passing you by. The rich history, dynamics of education and the business spirit of many innovative companies make RDM a unique location. Each part of the former Rotterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij has been divided into a new purpose, which is also expressed in special office spaces.

An office at RDM Rotterdam means:

  • Being based at a unique location with view across the Nieuwe Maas;
  • Quick access to modern prototype and test facilities;
  • Collaborating with students, researchers and other innovative technical companies at RDM;
  • Taking advantage of this area’s innovative image;
  • Good accessibility: travel per water bus/water taxi and plenty of free parking.


Why an office in the Innovation Dock

Office space: € 124.23 per m² per year, excl. VAT
and excl. advance service charges – price level 2019

Offices Medische Dienst

Units with 4 workplaces
Enclosed office space: €400.- per month;
Open office space: €340,- per month.

*Prices mentioned are inclusive service charges and excl. 21% vat.

Here you can see which companies are also based in the Medische Dienst at RDM Rotterdam


Offices in Dokkantoor

More information

For more information about the options at RDM Rotterdam please contact René Schmitt, on 06 11 00 46 99 or [email protected].