Rotterdam Makers District

The Rotterdam Makers District is developing itself on both sides of the Maas, in the RDM Rotterdam and M4H Rotterdam areas. It is the ultimate place in the region for the innovative manufacturing industry. Here education and business community are working on innovations for port and city. RDM Rotterdam is now a proven success and is nearly full with sixty companies. The Merwe-Vierhavensgebied (M4H) is located on the other side of the Maas. Enterprising pioneers have already discovered this area. M4H Rotterdam’s strong points are de maritime and industrial entourage, the varied offer of business premises and the location between port and city.

The Makers District is the perfect location for young companies to grown into large established companies. Large companies can experiment here with new products and processes. New technologies are being developed, tested and applied. These new technologies are based on digitisation, robotization, additive manufacturing, and the application of new, sustainable energy and materials. This makes Makers District a testing ground and showcase of the new economy.

The municipality and the Port Authority describe in the vision and strategy for the Makers District how they want to further develop M4H and RDM in conjunction. Here you can download the document Vision & Strategy Rotterdam Makers District