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Smart-eco materials for concrete repair

MgAubel is a young company that produces and develops mineral composites. A smart-eco material used for the repair of concrete infrastructure but also for mission critical renovation. A lot of our concrete infrastructure is aging and because of that we also need to repair it every now and then. If a ship cannot dock because there is a damaged quay wall. The costs can easily be over a 100,000 euros per day.

Smart and eco-friendly product

The product of MgAubel consists of minerals, mostly regionally sourced and it also includes industrial and bio-waste. The key feature of our product is that it cures really fast. So fast that is gains properties within 24 hours that are similar to the properties of concrete after 28 days. Het product van MgAubel has been used for the repair of quaysides for instance here in the Port of Rotterdam.

Why RDM Rotterdam

The reason why MgAubel is located on RDM Rotterdam is because here they find a blend of people with innovative minds and also young people who are eager to find great jobs. The perfect match for MgAubel.

For more information: MgAubel