Robotica & Mechatronica

Studio RAP grows fast

“The three of us met at TU Delft and the really great thing was that we all shared the same vision about the direction our profession should take. In particular we saw lots of opportunities in robotics”

These three young architects started Studio RAP at RDM Rotterdam and through their unique design process, based on high-end digital design techniques and robotic production, they are making a real difference in architecture. They continue to win architecture awards and their work is well received by prominent clients such as ABN AMRO, the Municipality of Rotterdam, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Municipality of The Hague.

How did Studio RAP manage to grow so fast? Find out here!

“Via contacts in RDM Makerspace, but also through the many guided tours at RDM Rotterdam our first customers found us. In fact, there is no better way to draw in new customers.”

Are you looking to take your business to a higher level, just like Studio RAP? Take a look here to discover the possibilities for companies or get in touch with René Schmitt.