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List of study programmes

A special feature of education at RDM Rotterdam is that senior secondary vocational education (mbo) and higher professional education (hbo) programmes are actually offered in one and the same location. The following degree programmes of Albeda College, Zadkine and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences are set up at RDM – either wholly or partially.

Automotive (hbo)

As an automotive engineer, you know everything about the technology used in today’s cars and new developments in the automotive sector. After graduating from the engineering programme, your options include employment as a designer or design engineer for a car manufacturer or engineering firm. You can also decide to establish your own company.

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Industrial Product Design (hbo)

In this programme, you learn how to develop an idea into a tangible product that is fully functional and is practical, feasible and affordable. Sustainability is a key point of departure in every step of the product design process.

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Architecture and Construction Engineering (hbo)

Architecture and Construction Engineering is a broad field that offers its graduates all sorts of options. For example, after completing the programme, you can work as a structural engineer for an architectural firm or contractor. Of you could set to work for a property developer, design engineer, consultancy or housing corporation.

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Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design (hbo)

At the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design, you combine paid employment with a master programme in Architecture or Urban Design. In addition to working 3 to 4 days for an architectural firm, you can also be found at the Academy 1 evening and 1 day per week.

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Mechanical Engineering (hbo)

You’re fascinated by technology. You want to know exactly how a device works, and you want to make entirely new products or improve existing designs. Mechanical Engineering is a multi-faceted field. As a graduate of the programme, you can choose to design anything from consumer products to complete machines.

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Process Operator (mbo levels 2, 3 and 4)

Would you like to sit behind the controls of an industrial plant and ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently? The various process operator programmes form an excellent foundation for a career in the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical or food industries.

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Machining (mbo levels 2 and 3)

As a machinist, or metal worker, you make precision parts for specialist machinery and equipment. You can be counted on for professional, top-quality results. Using both hand-operated and fully-automated machine tools, you can turn, mill, cut and burnish any part desired to exact specifications.

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Welder (mbo levels 2 and 3)

Have you always wanted to fuse parts together? As a welder, you form an indispensable link in the chain for manufacturers of technical products. After graduating, you can work in a wide range of settings, including shipyards, machine factories and design workshops.

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Pipefitter (mbo level 2)

As a pipefitter, you ensure that the right pipes are used in the piping network. Each pipe has its own wall thickness and diameter. You know how to weld or glue different pipes together, as well as how to repair them.

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Ironworker (mbo levels 2 and 3)

You can make virtually anything you see with your own hands. As an ironworker, you erect steel and aluminium structures. Examples include bridges, containers and oil rigs. You employ a variety of metalworking techniques, including welding, sawing, rolling, drilling and joining.

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