Test facilities

As entrepreneur you can use the test facilities of RDM CoE which is part of the Hogeschool Rotterdam.

The Hogeschool Rotterdam, together with partners, invests in state-of-the-art facilities that companies and educational institutions cannot realise on their own. The labs and workshops are used for education, but entrepreneurs can also hire these – or collaborate with students here. This has created a unique context-rich learning and working environment in the Innovation Dock, with for example:

  • Port lab: ‘smart tech’ fablab with the latest equipment, e.g. laser cutters and 3D-printers.
  • H2Energy Lab: training and testing centre where production, transport and application of hydrogen can be tested on an affordable scale.
  • Aqua lab: hydraulic engineer laboratory where research can be done into the impact of water and flow on hydraulic engineering activities, ships and coasts, stability testing of floating objects.
  • Aquabots workshop studio where aquatic drones are being built, adjusted and repaired.
  • Aquabot Control Centre: ship’s bridge simulator next to the Aqua lab from which aquatic drones are being controlled in both Aqua lab and Drone port
  • Drone port: unique experiment location (closed for shipping) for aquatic drones in the open water of the Dock port of RDM Rotterdam (Nieuwe Maas)
  • eMobility Lab: research and project space for (electric) means of transport
  • Skills Lab: prototyping of metal models
  • Wood workshop: prototyping of wooden and plastic models
  • Materials lab: for (building physics) research of materials
  • Concrete- and asphalt lab (in combination with the Materials lab): for measuring compressive strength of concrete
  • Glue/composite lab: for researching and creating glue connections and materials

You can see a number of the academy’s facilities at RDM Rotterdam in this video:


For more information about the possibilities of the test facilities at RDM, please contact RDM CoE: 010 – 794 92 92