Guided tour Makers District

Ingredients guided tour Rotterdam Makers District:

  • RDM Rotterdam (campus RDM Rotterdam (Hogeschool Rotterdam/Techniek College) + Innovation Dock)
  • Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H)

In the port of Rotterdam, innovators get plenty of space, opportunities and support to be successful.The Makers District is where you can innovate. The place in the region for the innovative production industry.The areas RDM Rotterdam and Merwe-Vierhavens (M4H) together form the Rotterdam Makers District.

Here young companies can continue to grow and large companies can experiment with new products and processes. New technologies are conceived, tested and applied. These new technologies are based on digitisation, robotization, additive manufacturing and applying new, sustainable energy and materials. The collaboration with knowledge and educational institutes in the region means that young people are introduced to the technologies of the future. This makes the Makers District a testing ground and showcase of the new economy.

The standard guided tour costs € 150.- (excl. 21% vat) per hour for a group of maximum 25 people.
A customised guided tour is possible on request. For this we calculate, on the basis of actual costs, the number of hours for organising your guided tour at € 75.- per hour. You will receive a quote in advance. For more information about the guided tours please contact the RDM Information centre on telephone number 010 – 252 44 72 or per e-mail on [email protected].


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