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Waste Shark: From idea to prototype

Richard Hardiman, an entrepreneur from South Africa, saw boys on a boat in the habour fishing plastic out of the water with a fishing net. He thought it should be able to do that much quicker, more intelligently and more efficiently! Inspired by this, he developed a concept which involved fishing plastic out of the water using a drone.

From PortXL to RDM Rotterdam

He did not make much headway in South Africa, but fortunately he received a call from PortXL in 2015. In 2016 het went through the PortXL programme and made contact with startups and facilities at RDM through the Rotterdam Port Authority’s network. He also concluded a contract with Port of Rotterdam Authority for the further development of his prototype. Genuin Engineering, RDM Makerspace and Jules Dock, startups at RDM, are helping him by making his prototypes and products. With the facilities provided by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, he was able (and is still able) to test and improve his prototypes in the Aqualab and the DronePort.

From idea to prototype

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