Workshops at RDM Next

Within RDM Rotterdam, RDM Next organises workshops on the latest innovations in terms of IoT, Machine Learning, 3d printing, robotics and so on. They help various companies with the next step they can take in terms of innovation and they find new opportunities for each company to take this next step.

RDM Next is the next chapter in the development of RDM Makerspace, which started in 2013. During the first five years they had the pleasure of giving dozens of start-ups a place to start their company. Nowadays they stimulate innovation by starting new initiatives, and by sharing knowledge. Examples of initiatives of which they are part of are the RAMLAB, the IoT Academy, Cyber Central, Dent and Captain AI. They convert the knowledge they acquire within these initiatives into workshops and creative sessions. This way they can explain each theme specifically, and find tools for development within companies.

More info about the RDM Next workshops