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Companies at RDM Rotterdam

Over 35 innovative companies have found a home at RDM Rotterdam. Together, they create a special innovative vibe at this unique location. At RDM Rotterdam, companies have access to hi-tech facilities. They regularly set up new partnerships with educators and research institutes – allowing them to quickly put innovative new ideas into practice. At RDM Rotterdam, you can find a mix of start-ups, SME firms and global players in the maritime and offshore sectors.

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Ampelmann develops motion compensation systems that allow users to safely transfer from a ship at sea to a fixed offshore structure. The firm operates a fleet of over 35 systems, which can be found on every continent. The company can already put over 800,000 safe transfers around the world to its name.

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RanMarine build drones that remove waste from the water and support the natural resilience of our oceans. Their fully autonomous drones swim through the water, collecting waste and other non-biodegradables, whilst gathering data about the environment.

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RDM Makerspace

RDM Makerspace offers everyone the opportunity to turn his or her idea into reality. For a modest fee, the members of RDM Makerspace gain access to a range of professional equipment that can be used to manufacture prototypes and designs.

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Urban Green

Urban Green focuses on increasing the amount of green space in the city. The firm has a sharp eye for the dynamics associated with such ventures. Urban Green is currently experimenting at RDM’s Dokhaven on floating green islands.

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Dutch Drone Company

The Dutch Drone Company was set up with the goal to make inspections safer and more efficient – with the aid of drones of course. By teaming up with various specialists in this field, the Dutch Drone Company is able to offer consistently high-quality products and services.

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Energy Floors

The Rotterdam firm Energy Floors is behind the introduction of the world’s first power-generating dance floor: The Sustainable Dance Floor. At RDM, the company’s seven employees work full-time renting out and selling the floor modules to clients the world over.

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KRVE / Shoretension

The boatmen of Koninklijke Roeiers Vereeniging Eendracht (KRVE) are responsible for the correct mooring and unmooring of a large number of sea-going vessels in the port of Rotterdam. KRVE is presently enjoying success around the world with the ShoreTension, an innovative system that ensures that sea-going vessels can moor without issues under the most trying circumstances.

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Royal IHC

Royal IHC develops vessels for wet mining, dredging and oil and gas exploration. At RDM’s Innovation Dock, Royal IHC has set up its own IHC Innovation Lab, where it can test new prototypes for innovations in the maritime sector.

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Studio RAP

Robotics, Architecture and Production. Basing itself on new developments in the field of design and manufacturing techniques, RAP designs and produces smart, sustainable buildings that are set apart by their unique architectural character. The RAP team members embrace their role as contemporary digital architects.

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Van Dalen Products

Van Dalen Products designs high-quality leisure products for professional use. Examples include custom-shaped strollers, pedal boats and mini-boats. Van Dalen Products’ clients include zoos, aqua parks and other amusement parks.

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