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Companies at RDM Rotterdam

Over 35 innovative companies have found a home at RDM Rotterdam. Together, they create a special innovative vibe at this unique location. At RDM Rotterdam, companies have access to hi-tech facilities. They regularly set up new partnerships with educators and research institutes – allowing them to quickly put innovative new ideas into practice. At RDM Rotterdam, you can find a mix of start-ups, SME firms and global players in the maritime and offshore sectors.

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Ampelmann develops motion compensation systems that allow users to safely transfer from a ship at sea to a fixed offshore structure. The firm operates a fleet of over 35 systems, which can be found on every continent. The company can already put over 800,000 safe transfers around the world to its name.

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RanMarine build drones that remove waste from the water and support the natural resilience of our oceans. Their fully autonomous drones swim through the water, collecting waste and other non-biodegradables, whilst gathering data about the environment.

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Holland-RET (Renewable Energy Technologies) is the distributor for Ener-Core, Inc. USA. Ener-Core’s EcoStation technology enables traditional industrial processes to generate power from their waste gases, using this cutting-edge technology.

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‘Rotterdam Additive Manufacturing LAB’ (RAMLAB) is the first 3D printing field lab that focuses on the port-related industry. With the use of 3D metal printers, replacement parts for ships can be manufactured within a few days.

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CONCR3DE is involved with 3D concrete printing of complex components for the construction industry. In doing so, they make use of a sustainable type of concerete as an alternative to Portland cement, which causes pollution. Using their 3D concrete printer, they produce very precise products with a resolution of 200 microns. No only do they make a contribution to sustainable construction, but advanced construction components are also produced more efficiently.

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RDM Makerspace

RDM Makerspace offers everyone the opportunity to turn his or her idea into reality. For a modest fee, the members of RDM Makerspace gain access to a range of professional equipment that can be used to manufacture prototypes and designs.

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Dutch Drone Company

The Dutch Drone Company was set up with the goal to make inspections safer and more efficient – with the aid of drones of course. By teaming up with various specialists in this field, the Dutch Drone Company is able to offer consistently high-quality products and services.

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Energy Floors

The Rotterdam firm Energy Floors is behind the introduction of the world’s first power-generating dance floor: The Sustainable Dance Floor. At RDM, the company’s seven employees work full-time renting out and selling the floor modules to clients the world over.

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SkelEx is a non-powered upper-body exoskeleton to assist workers. This compact and lightweight device assists in doing laborious jobs involving the intensive use of arms more efficiently with less fatigue.

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Aqitec is a development company specialised in integrated product development. They combine engineering, industrial design, hydrodynamics and/or electronics when developing the optimum product. They make the prototypes and first series of a product.

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